Glenn Espiritu

SilverMoon is fortunate to be lead by our multi-talented CEO, Mr. Glenn Espiritu. With his widely diverse background, Glenn brings multiple innovative concepts and ideas to the company. Our foundation started with a simple mission and vision to bring joy in capturing moments and messages. Today, the company leverages in assisting individuals and businesses to have the easiest access to website and customized program maximization.

Glenn’s background covers authentic ethnicity, multi-cultural and modernized influence. He was born in South East Asia and migrated to California. He moved to North Carolina in 2001 in search of prosperity in business. With a background of Bachelors of Science in Economics, he ended up managing businesses in banking, to the food industry and into healthcare. He finally attained his passion through managing our company. His highly extensive background in IT and Graphic design experience include Web Development, Application Development, Single Page Application, Database Development, UI/UX Integration, Root cause analysis and solution implementation. Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro CC, and Final Cut Pro.

He leads a team of Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers and Specialist on programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. With technical skills not limited to:

  • ASP.Net Web forms
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • ASP.Net Core
  • Entity Framework
  • WCF/ASP.Net Web API
  • jQuery, Bootstrap
  • SQL Server 2008/2012
  • Unit Testing/Mocking
  • CSLA
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
  • E Crystal Reports 2008
  • Experienced in Scrum Approach

He also oversees a team of well-screened photographers and videographers to cover intimate to grand events. Capturing memories and significant events with individualized goal to provide treasured memorabilia for every customer. His leadership is the epitome of genuine fun while at work.

Glenn is not only technically savvy but is an artist as well. He is an excellent photographer and cinematographer. This personal hobby remains the precursor of his founded company and served as the foundation of SilverMoon Creative Design. Glenn He has phenomenal skills in playing any kind of musical instrument and sport. He excels in playing the guitar and tennis. His friends comments that Glenn excels in “whatever challenges is put upon him.” Not competitive, just an unbelievable fast learner and becomes highly skilled in a short span of time. He is not only a thinker but also a natural doer.

He is most proud of being a father of 4 boys who are his inspiration and motivation everyday to do better. He values work and life balance and knows the importance of spending time with his loved ones despite of his hectic daily schedule. He values family, his heritage and culture.

Marissa Olarte-Helbing

“Delivering arts and technology with passion.”

This motto has closed the initial destiny of our company. This is a reflection of our Corporate Financial Officer’s drive for perseverance and inner motivation. There is nothing that she puts her whole mind and soul that will be unattainable.

Marissa Olarte-Helbing has a Degree in Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She has many certifications including becoming a Certified Nurse Executive and a Director of Nursing Services Certified. She is a Registered Nurse in a country in South East Asia and currently in the USA. She pursued her career further in Health Care Administration and acquired her License in Nursing Home Administration almost a decade ago. She went through courses of leadership academy and is a genuine leader. She is also a business investor not limited in coffee industry, home health, staff recruitment, construction and many other ventures aside from her co-owning and co-managing SilverMoon Creative Design.

Marissa has passions for a wide array of arts including her passion for music and the fine arts. She plays musical instruments even without formal schooling and is one profound singer. She has fondness for traveling, trying the new and unknown, extreme adventures and sports. She has a drive to learn new skills and just anything new and different. She has a thrill for “first times” and adrenaline triggering experiences.

Marissa may have had many accomplishments but she is most proud of her son and her daughter. They are her true motivation and inspiration. Her son and daughter are gifted and intelligent children who make her a very proud parent. She belongs to a family of business-minded people and one of her inspirations is her late grandmother, Dona Arsenia Umali who was a coffee business tycoon from the late 1940’s to the late 90’s. She is a proud sister of a Doctor, Nurse, Physical Therapist and 2 PMA graduate brothers who all also each manage their own business ventures.

Marissa’s passion for arts and science made her a perfect match to co-lead SilverMoon Creative Design. She loves the world of entrepreneurship! We are delighted to have her as our company’s CFO, co-owner and co-founder.

Lloyd Miguel

Lloyd Miguel is CTO at Silvermoon Creative Design, He's in-charge with a pool of developers from various parts of the field to address complex software development challenges and deliver with great results.

He is based from Manila, Philippines together with his pool of developers. Has been In the IT industry for more than 10 years. Lloyd is also a Microsoft Certified Software Developer.

Lloyd has worked on many projects in various roles. Roles which include software architecture, design and development, and project management. With those many roles he had worked on, he has helped worked on different fields from credit card, online systems, freight, tracking, general retail, and healthcare. Some projects has also had him travel to countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United States of America.

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